Nepal Tour Packages

Nepal Tour Package

Visit below for our best Nepal Tour Packages. We offer escorted group tours, private tours, short tours with classic introductory Nepal tours to luxury adventures guided by our experts. We offer Nepal Tour Packages. Nepal is an adventure tourist’s destination country for culture and environmental enrichment as well.

Nepal’s diverse geography makes it the perfect place for tour and holiday packages. Nepal is blessed with various attractions including Himalayan picks, rich culture and traditions so; Nepal is known as one of the best destination for tour or adventure or trekking holiday. Mountains, mid hills, valleys and plains overlook the geography of Nepal to enjoy the vacation packages. It expands from the Himalayan range in the north to the Indo-Gangetic lowlands in south.

We find the highest point of the Himalayas is in Nepal which is known as Mt. Everest. The green paddy terraces, wind-swept deserts, dense forests and marshy grasslands are the main physical features are supporting for the tour package in Nepal for individual or group or family. The well endowed with perennial rivers, lakes and glacial lakes that originate in the Himalayas offers tourist to enjoy holiday and vacation trip in Nepal. Jungle safari is the next popular tour activity in Nepal because Nepal is the home to wildlife like tigers, rhinos, monkeys, bears, yaks, leopards and different species of insects and birds.

Nepal is a home to almost 10 percent of the world’s bird species among which 500 species are found in the Kathmandu Valley. Nepal has managed to preserve some endangered species of Asia in its extensive parks and protected natural habitats. We find different ethnic group, different religion and culture with different races which are further divided into different castes which is most observable during the holiday tour in Nepal. Eighty-six percent of Nepalis follow Hinduism; while eight percent follow Buddhism and three percent follow Islam. Some of the main groups are such: Gurungs and Magars who live mainly in the western region; Rais, Limbus and Sunwars who live in the eastern mid hills; Sherpas, Manangpas and Lopas who live near the mountains of Everest, Annapurna and Mustang respectively; Newars who live in and around the capital valley of Kathmandu; Tharus, Yadavas, Satar, Rajvanshis and Dhimals who live in the Terai region; and Brahmins, Chhetris and Thakuris generally spread over all parts of the country. In Nepal, Hinduism and Buddhism are the two main religions. The two have co-existed down the ages and many Hindu temples share the same complex as, Buddhist shrines. Hindu and Buddhist worshipers may regard the same god with different names while performing religious rites.